Orthopaedic Pain

Whether a frozen shoulder, a sprained ankle or a broken leg. Quite simply, acupuncture is excellent for helping recovery from injuries and improving aches and pain. Equally Chinese medicine is a proven provider of lasting relief from chronic problems such as back pain and arthritis.


Our unique treatments range from natural, drug-free, traditional treatments to help enhance fertility in both men and women, to the pioneering use of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with conventional Western medical fertility treatment


Weight Loss

Weight gain over time often leads to a range of illnesses and underlying problems that chronically impact your health. By identifying the original source of the problem, Traditional Chinese Medicine can aid weight loss holistically and naturally.

Digestive Disorders

Many of us suffer from digestive disorders from time to time. When digestive symptoms become frequent, there may be a larger issue that needs to be addressed.  Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine & dietary therapy can all see good improvement in a wide range of digestive problems.

Emotional health

Chinese Medicine does not see the same degree of separateness between mind, body and spirit found in Western Allopathy.  Acupuncture and Herbal medicine have been used for centuries to affect mood and can effectively influence the complex interaction between our emotions and the body chemistry, hence promoting emotional and physical well-being.

Immune System Booster

Boost your Immune system before you get sick.  Acupuncture increases the amount of your body's immune cells. It also enhances the immunity of those with immune -related illnesses by encouraging these cells to reproduce and boost the body's defences.

Regular acupuncture sessions are a safe, natural way to stimulate, strengthen and balance the immune system.

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