Relaxing / Swedish Massage

Enjoy complete physical healing, and mental refreshment with our relaxing massage that will balance, soothe and invigorate your whole body.

£35 for 30 mins |  £45 for 45 mins |  £55 for 60 mins

£85 for 90 mins


Reflexology applies pressure to specific reflexology zones on your feet, improving blood circulation which in turn helps with detoxification. As well as promoting the restoration your body’s natural healing process, reflexology can be pleasurable and a highly relaxing experience, washing away many stresses of busy lives.

£45 for 30 mins |  £55 for 45 mins |  £65 for 60 mins

Thai / Deep Tissue Massage

Experience our deep tissue massage, which involves applying firm pressure to specific areas of the body to alleviate acute and chronic pain.  - Especially back pain, frozen shoulder and repetitive strain injuries, - such as those from sports, driving or computer use.

£45 for 30 mins |  £55 for 45 mins

£65 for 60 mins |  £95 for 90 mins


Derived through the study of acupuncture, - acupressure is performed using fingers gradually pressing on trigger points along the body's meridians (energy lines) to stimulate pain relief and release muscle tension.

£45 for 30 mins |  £65 for 45 mins |  £75 for 60 mins

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